Compress Photos for your Web Site the Easy Way!

JPEGCompress is designed to assist in the compression of large photos, through an easy-to-use interface, for the purpose of distributing photos over the Internet.

With a simple "point and click" interface, JPEGCompress gives you the ability to fine tune your photo's compression level while making sure your photo stays within your size and dimension requirements.

What makes JPEGCompress better than other programs?

The Instant Preview! Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on professional graphics software, JPEGCompress gives you the most accurate view of how your photo will look and how long it will take to download.

Simply choose the amount of compression you wish to apply to your photo and JPEGCompress will instantly show you how your photo looks at that compression level.

JPEGCompress also offers the ability to tweak photos with support for Resizing, Cropping, Flipping and Rotating photos.

Windows and Mac OS X Leopard users will also find they have the added ability to apply photo effects like Blur, Sharpen, Find Edges, Invert and more.

QuickTime™ Extensability

JPEGCompress natively supports the JPEG format, as well as the GIF, PNG, Portable Bitmap, Windows Bitmap* and Unix X-Window image formats.

Users with Apple® QuickTime™ can enjoy added support for Adobe Photoshop, JPEG 2000, OpenEXR, MacPaint, PDF, PICT, QTIF, SGI, TIFF, Truevision TGA, Windows Bitmap images and even QuickTime™ Movies.


Online Documentation

All of the documentation for JPEGCompress is now online. JPEGCompress users with an Internet connection can rest assured knowing that the most recent support information is available within JPEGCompress.

No internet connection, not a problem. JPEGCompress still has built-in documentation.

What else can JPEGCompress do?

Let's imagine that you have hundreds of photos that all need to be resized, compressed, and renamed in sequence. It would take you hours, right? Not with the Batch Processing Wizard! This wizard makes processing multiple photos easy. Choose your photos, apply your settings, and sit back while the wizard does all the work for you!

Sending photos via Email? Publishing photos to your Web Site? JPEGCompress has Wizards for those tasks as well. The Send to Email Recipient and Send to Web Site Wizards make the process of uploading and sending photos fast and easy.

JPEGCompress also includes a lot of other useful features like Drag & Drop Support and Internet Explorer Integration. All of which are described within the JPEGCompress Help Topics (accessable via the Help menu).


Before You Purchase...

JPEGCompress is now being actively developed by Pebble Beach Apps. Please send any suggestions and requests for features to; while we get fully up to speed, JPEGCompress is being offered for sale at a discounted price. It is highly recommended that you try out the Evaluation version before purchasing to ensure compatibility. There are not refunds for downloaded software.